Shaw Weil Associates Picture Gallery

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A collection of high resolution, curated photographs available for promotion of trail usage.

Quality Standards

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high quality photographs that can be used for pubication and presentation. As such only pictures that meet certain quality standards are included.

The picures should be of such a quality that that they would be considered to be published in a magazine article or brochure about the trail.

  1. Pictures should be of, or taken from a bicycle trail.
  2. Pictures should have good composition
  3. Pictures should have proper color balance and tone
  4. Pictures should be high quality jpegs or gifs with a minimum of 800 pixels wide or high
  5. Pictures should have model releases for all identifiable individuals, or have been taken in a sufficiently public place so that model releases are not an issue.
  6. Bikers actually riding bikes must be wearing helmets, unless there is an extraordinary reason for an exception
  7. Roller Blades actually skating must be wearing helmet and protective gear, unless there is an extraordinary reason for an exception
  8. The picture's copyright holder must agree to the submission and either accept one of the standard releases, or provide an acceptable one.
To be considered for entry into the database the following information must be entered on the submission form (not yet implemented) along with the uploaded graphics file.
  1. The name of the trail on which the picture is taken
  2. The name of the nearest trail head
  3. A brief location descriptor
  4. Photographer's name
  5. The copyright holder of not the photographer
  6. The date the photo was taken
  7. The names of any identifiable people in the photograph of not taken in a public place
  8. Five or more keywords that describe items visible in the photograph. Typically selected from the existing lis of keywords, although more may be created

Photographs copyright © by the photographer unless otherwise noted. If no other licensing arrangements are specified above, you may use the photograph for nonprofit purposes without charge, provided you include a credit to the photographer. Download the image by right-clicking on the image and choosing "Save As". This image will be suitable for use on a web page. Higher-resolution versions of most images are available; send e-mail to mary [dot] shaw [at] with your request, being sure to include the URL of this page.

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